Suvarnamukhi Anjaneya Temple Bannerghatta Bengaluru

Suvarnamukhi Anjaneya Temple


1.5kms from Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple behind the mountain, inside the forest is the famous Suvarnamukhi Kalyani. The water in this Kalyani is believed to have curative powers. Locals will tell you that a dip here will cure you of several diseases.

This is the place where Emperor Janamejaya took bathe and prayed after which he was released from sarpa dosha or the curse of the snake. He also got a golden body after he had bathed in this pod. Hence, it is called Suvarnamukhi. He then consecrated the idol of Champakadhama Swamy (Sri Champakadhama Swamy Devalaya)

The Pushkarini, Kalyani or pond is emptied once an year so that the rock at the bottom, which is engraved with the image of Anjaneya, maybe worshipped. After worship, water is once again let into the pond.
You can start your trek to the overhanging hill either from the Champakadhama Swamy Temple or from Kalkare, a small village. The path will lead you to Suvarnamukhi Hill.


View directions from Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple To Suvarnamukhi (built by Raja Jayamejaya in Google Maps.











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