Kote Anjaneya Temple – Halvagalu

Halvagalu Kote Anjaneya Temple

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Near by there is another big temple of Anjaneya, Idol which resembles same as that of kote anjaneya but in big size.

We started our visit to this temple in the morning, road is bit worse so we reached temple lately around 4pm, on the way to halvagalu we can see paddy and sugarcane fields, roads is surrounded by greenery, cold breeze was there, moreover less vehicles on the road .

There is special attraction towards this Hanuman, which is different from others idols and also holding bell at the edge of the tail. After visiting this place feeling energized. We came across Tungabhadra river and also visited Guddada Timmappa temple on the bank of the river.

Temple is at a distance of 54.5kms from Haveri.

Route: Haveri- Agadi-Basapur-Guttal-Mylara-Kuruvatti-Halvagalu

There is also another route from harihar

53 min (30.4 km) via Shimoga – Harihar – Hospet Rd



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